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Malaysia International Vocational Association known as MIVA, is an international organization that aims to promote beauty, hairdressing, makeup, nail art, embroidery, stage performance, education, communication, training, development and innovation.

Awards Category

Aromatherapy Category

A1 “Scent Symphony” Aromatherapy Facial Meridian Bojin (Live)

Beauty Therapy Category

B1 Facial Beauty Therapy “Junior Team” (Live)
B2 Facial Beauty Therapy “Senior Team” (Live)

Embroidery Category

D1 Professional Trendy Embroidery (Live)
D2 “The Legendary Dragon” Creative Competitive Embroidery (Pre-Done)

Eyelashes Extension Category

E1 Classic Eyelashes Extension (Live)
E2 “The Ancient Dragon Realm” Creative Blossom Eyelashes Extension (Live)
E3 “The Elegant Gaze Of Dragon” Creative Eyelashes & 3D Display Mold Design (Pre-Done)

Singing Bowl Category

S1 “Harmonic Resonance” Singing Bowl Sound Therapy (Live)

Hairdressing Category

H1 Ladies Creative Haircut And Color “Live Model” (Live)
H2 Ladies Avant-Garde Haircut And Color “Mannequin” (Live)
H3 Men Creative Haircut And Color “Live Model” (Live)
H4 Men Avant-Garde Haircut And Color “Mannequin” (Live)

Make Up Category

M1 “The Naga” Creative Bridal Make Up (Live)
M2 “Guardian Of The Seven Seas” Fantasy Stage Make Up (Live)
M3 “The Multi Chrome Dragon” Artistic Make Up & Body Painting (Live)
M4 “Ghosts And Nightmares” Special Effect Make Up (Live)
M5 High Fashion Photoshoot Make Up Poster (Pre-Done)
M6 Classic Bridal Hairdo (Live)

Nail Category

N1 “The Eternal Waltz Of Dragon’s Heart” Gel Flat Nail Art (Live)
N2 “The Eternal Brilliance Of Dragon’s Aura” Nail Art Rhinestone Design (Live)
N3 “The Eternal Spread Of Dragon’s Wings” Three-Person Nail Extension Team Relay Challenge (Live)
N4 “The Eternal Waltz Of Dragon’s Heart” Gel Flat Nail Art (Pre-Done)
N5 “The Eternal Brilliance Of Dragon’s Aura” Nail Art Rhinestone Design (Pre-Done)

Reason to Participate

Recognition and Prestige

Winning or even participating in the MIVA Asia Excellent Awards can bring significant recognition and prestige within the beauty and vocational industry. It serves as a validation of one's skills and expertise, enhancing their professional reputation.

Skill Enhancement

Competing in such a high-profile event provides an excellent opportunity for participants to showcase their talents and skills. Moreover, the feedback received from judges can help participants identify areas for improvement and further enhance their abilities.

Networking Opportunities:

The competition brings together professionals and enthusiasts from the beauty and vocational industry, providing valuable networking opportunities. Participants can connect with industry experts, potential employers, and like-minded individuals, opening doors for collaboration and career advancement

Exposure and Promotion

Being part of the MIVA Asia Excellent Awards can significantly boost the visibility of participants. Winners and finalists often receive media coverage, further promoting their skills and expertise to a wider audience, which can lead to new opportunities and clientele.

Personal Growth

Competing in such a challenging environment fosters personal growth and development. It requires participants to push their boundaries, overcome obstacles, and strive for excellence, which can lead to increased confidence and self-belief.

MIVA Asia Make Up Competition

A leading professional stage for you to travel across extraordinary creations, letting your imagination run free and put your own spin on this skill-based make-up awards! Captivate the global prominent judges with your skills and creativities, and be bold to take your professionalism to the next level!

MIVA Asia Nail Competition

The leading professional stage for nail technicians and artists to gather and achieve fame. A great opportunity for aspiring nail artist to express their creativity and skill, featuring various type of categories. Do not miss the chance to present yourself at this significant stage and let your talent glitter in the eyes of the world!

MIVA Asia Hair Competition

The Millions Awaited Awards – Forming continuous hairdressing wave in Malaysia! Giving hairdressing the prestige it deserves and showcasing the business in its rightful place, one where talent, art and creativity are recognized and valued! Stand the chance to achieve ultimate glory!

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