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AP Hair & Beauty Supplier Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia                 Booth: 2308, Hall 2
Business Nature: Supplier, Importer, Distributor, Agent
Description: AP HAIR & BEAUTY SUPPLIER SDN BHD is one of the few hair dressing companies that have established their own brands in Malaysia. Besides being an agent for hair dressing product, it also a general agent of Korean equipment(Healer)in Singapore and Malaysia
Asia Aiberia Natural Beauty Skin Care Co.Ltd
Country: Taiwan                 Booth: 1037, Hall 1
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Importer, Supplier
Description: 亞洲AIBERIA臺灣善益國際實業有限公司成立於2010年7月。 主營產品: 1、 Aiberia:追求“天然草本”、“健康美肌”、“愛護生命”為主。 2、 GTSC:針對“健康不打折”和“美麗百分百”為訴求,打造全新的華人界護膚品牌。
Aura Nail
Country: Malaysia                 Booth: 2610, Hall 2
Business Nature: Wholesaler
Description: Aura Nail wish to help all nail salon shopowner and manicurist to get an updated product all the way.
Asia Colors
Country: Taiwan               Booth: 5208, Hall 5
Business Nature: Manufacturer, Academy
Description: Asia Colors is Taiwan’s leading company in Body Painting, it’s founder Catherine Chou is the creator of the unique 3 days painting class, which help students know how to do design and painting for Parties, Bridal, Cell phone, Fabric..etc. We have our safe and high quality paint and related products invented by us. You will learn with nice interaction of music and technique, we guarantee that everyone can be able to paint in 3 days. Students will increase their income, increase their awareness and ability of Creating and Designing. Learn more about as on, or our Facebook page.
Boon Ee Trading (M) Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia                 Booth: 2008, Hall 2
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Supplier
Description: We,at Boon Ee Trading (M) S/B were considered the largest importer of salon furnitures. All salon furnitures, equipments, accessories & sundries will be classified as the same in terms of qualities. The only different will be in terms of pricing. So, for over 20 years we at Boon Ee always empathized on 'value for money','why pay more' and the end result will be 'your choice will redefine your life'! So check us out!!!
Beaumonde Resources Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia                 Booth: 4301, Hall 4
Business Nature: Supplier, Retailer, Department Store, Exporter, Trade Associations
Description: Beaumonde Resources Sdn Bhd is a luxury, anti-aging swiss formulation skincare brand offering age preventative and restorative products. Bridging the gap between science-led skincare and cosmetic skincare.
Beautang Marketing
Country: Malaysia                 Booth: 2708 & 4009, Hall 2 & 4
Business Nature: Manufacturer, Supplier, Importer, Distributor
Description: We at Beautang Japan provide skin care, body care, hair care and health food supplements that include: Organic Healthy Stem Cell, Organic Healthy Slim and Organic Healthy Enzyme - all of which are quality products originating from Japan. With health and beauty supplements as our core products, we at Beautang Japan aim to create a more beautiful and healthier you, ready to take o the world as a brand new individual, renewws with vigour and passion for life!
Beautility Marketing Agency (M) Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia                 Booth: 1007, Hall 1
Business Nature: Distributor, Academy, Agent
Description: Equipment.Hair Cosmetic.Academy 1 Stop Service Centre
Beverlylife Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia                 Booth: 5611& 5612, Hall 5
Business Nature: Distributor, Agent
Description: Beverlylife Sdn Bhd is a company, established with the goal to achieve effective development and to promote a range of Lifestyle Trading Sdn Bhd’s health care products throughout the world, so that it can directly benefit the society consumers around the world.
Brakiny Shape Perfection (M) Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia                 Booth: 4001, Hall 4
Business Nature: Retailer, Distributor
Description: Biahmin constantly strives to develop high-tech adjustable underwear. The products not only contain skin care functions, they also have infrared ray which originates from the latest innovative surface science, 360 degrees multiple disk cut design that can fit closely to female body structure, underwire that has patent rights, unique ultrasonic mould cup, massage magnet, removable essential oil massage bag and many more (most of them are Biahmin’s independent patent intellectual property rights).
CNNET Co., Ltd
Country: Korea                 Booth: 5001, Hall 5
Business Nature: Manufacturer
Description: CNNET Co., LTD. is a company leading the global market with the digital video information technology. CNNET Co., Ltd not only produces the goods of quality that correspond to the consumers' needs, but also takes the responsibility of continuous development.
Combat Nanotech Co., Ltd (AVIVI)
Country: Taiwan                 Booth: 5106, Hall 5
Business Nature: Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler
Description: AVIVI is synonymous to beauty and vitality. Our brand spirit is to make women shine and rejuvenated like flower blossoms in Spring. AVIVI is a famous TV Shopping Brand in Taiwan known for its all kind of "no need to wash off MUD MASKS" which use
Corymer Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia                 Booth: 2510, Hall 2
Business Nature: Supplier, Distributor
Description: Corymer skin care range is based on sea elements and plants extracts, our marine cosmetics provides high-quality care for all types of skins. Our core values include respect for self and environment which we translate through our innovative "eco-logical"
Dry Cut Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia                 Booth: 2201, Hall 2
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Retailer, Distributor
Description: Dry Cut Group establish since year 2000, Dry Cut has never stopped pursuing technological innovation and advancement in development. Emphasizing on natural and healthy treatment, all the products distributed by the company, including UK professional brand
Eighteen Gallery
Country: Malaysia               Booth: 4405, Hall 4
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Supplier, Distributor
Description: Without doubts, it has been proven that functional bra and shaping girdle could boast women’s boobs and figures. They strive to redefine women’s curves. Once putting on, you will be absolutely amazed the difference of your look and feeling instantly. 
Full Rainbow Limited
Country: Hong Kong                 Booth: 5208, Hall 5
Business Nature: Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Distributor
Description:GLAMOUR, a renowned professional skincare brand from Korea and its prodects range form professional skincare salon treatments to products for daily-care. All products are made in Korea and formulated with natural ingredients.
Glow & Glamour Studio Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia              Booth: 5901, Hall 5
Business Nature: Retailer, Slimming and Beauty Salon
Description: Glow & Glamour made its premiere into the Malaysian market in 1998 with its very first outlet in Plaza Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur. With more than a decade’s milestone and a current total of 6 outlets, this company serves over 30,000 customers with 55% of them being Malays, 45% of Chinese and other races making up its 5% of overall customers. Indeed, Glow & Glamour is a fast growing industry player in the Klang Valley. The exclusivity lies in the team’s ability to personalise services by tailoring special treatment packages to suit different individual needs thus differentiating Glow & Glamour from others alike in the industry.
Glu Beauty Hair Corporation Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia              Booth: 1008, Hall 1
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Supplier, Distributor, Academy
Description: In 2015, Glu Beauty committed in providing customer a variety of high-quality hair care product form local and abroad. In addition, to ensure customers continuous progress, Beautility had organized a number of up to date courses and seminar.
Greenxagon Marketing Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia              Booth: 2001, Hall 2
Business Nature: Distributor
Description: As one of the pioneers in the industry to introduce the organic concept, GREENXAGON MARKETING understands that consumers are constantly looking for the finest, healthiest and most natural hair care products that are beneficial to them.
Country: Malaysia             Booth: 1005, Hall 1
Business Nature: Supplier
Description: 实力美发美容有限公司创办于1997年。本公司hairfax采用高科技的技术再配搭由法国进口Formula Capil天然植物精华。以对症下药,针对脱发、头皮屑、油性、敏感等等头皮问题。
Hairizon Hub Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia                Booth: 2301 & 2307, Hall 2
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Supplier, Retailer, Importer, Exporter, Distributor
Description: Hairizon Hub Sdn Bhd carries brands from all over the world. Brands such as Artizta, importer, exporter, distributor to salons or agents.
Hakuhodo Co., Ltd
Country: Japan                Booth: 4212, Hall 4
Business Nature: Manufacturer
Description: The Hakuhodo head office is located about 20 kilometers east of the city of Hiroshima. Hakuhodo was founded in 1974 in Hiroshima. At our main factory in Hiroshima we manufacture approximately 500,000 brushes a month.
HL Nest Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia                Booth: 5608, Hall 5
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Retailer, Importer, Agent
Description: HL Nest Sdn Bhd is the appointed agent for Kasumi Beauty & Madame Nyonya in Malaysia. All Kasumi Beauty & Madame Nyonya skin and body care products are free of Parabens, and not tested on animals and made in Perth, Western Australia.
Joshua Wong Supply
Country: Malaysia                 Booth: 2507, Hall 2
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Importer, Distributor, Agent
Description: Joshua Wong Supply is the authorised distributor for the international & well known products such as Harmony Gelish (U.S.A), footlogix (Canada), Sha Nail Pro (Japan), b-r-l brush (Japan), Frenz Nail (Korea) and also many more international brand. Our company also conduct many trainings and seminars, showcasing creative & talented designs to out customers.
Jotono Corporation Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia                Booth: 4908, Hall 4
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Supplier, Retailer, Exporter, Distributor
Description: Jotono Corporation Sdn Bhd is a specialised OEM/ODM business entity who provide one stop personalised private label cosmeceutical manufacturer in accordance to Malaysia Regulation (GMP) Standards. We are committed in fulfilling customers' specific need
K-Most Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia               Booth: 4908, Hall 4
Business Nature: Importer, Agent
Description: Established in Malaysia in year 2010, Body Buddy with the Pure Naturalistic concept in mind, committed to provide the Malaysia consumers with 100% made and fully imported from Korea cosmetic, skin care, body care and hair care products. Body Buddy currently is the sole agent in Malaysia for the brands of Puretem, Confume, Herietta, Touch Theraphy, Lotus Blossom Therapy, Herb Theraphy, The First Green Tea, Body Phren, Ecoennea, Cleaning Story, etc.
King of Masks
Country: Malaysia               Booth: 5305, Hall 5
Business Nature: Supplier, Importer, Exporter, Distributor
Description: Our company strives to be the masks specialists by offering a wide range of Quality masks brands (Dainty Design, Beauty Story, Face Q, Deary and My Beauty Diary) under the label of King of Masks. This year, aspire to recruit distributors from around the world.
Kitson Medicine Group
Country: Malaysia                Booth: 5101 & 5103, Hall 5
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Distributor
Description: Headquarters in Hong Kong and a branch in Shenzhen, our group provide professional services and distribute medical device and skincare product to around in the global market, primarily to the United Kingdom, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia, as well as many.
Living Health & Beauty
Country: Malaysia               Booth: 4107, Hall 4
Business Nature: Distributor, Agent
Description: The miracle suit collection boasts about the slogan ‘’Look 10 pound lighter in 10 seconds’’. This shape wear strives to redefine your curves and reduces your body by one dress size. If this is your goal, then shape wear is for you. Its girdle technique gives you an extra firm control. Once you put this on, you’ll amaze with your smooth silhouette. The miracle suit camouflages your bumps, lumps and flaws with the use of double panel and seam shaping construction that’s especially designed your hips, tummy and midriff. The result is an extra firm product like the usual girdles but this time with greater flexibility and a more natural and shapely body.
M&M Skin Beaute Sdn Bhd (Skin & Co)
Country: Malaysia              Booth: 2608, Hall 2
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Supplier, Retailer, Importer, Distributor
Description: Skin & Company's core value is to love your skin and embracing everyone's unique individuality. Our company is comprised from a diverse cultural background that reflects the importance of being Malaysians.
Magicboo Beauty Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia              Booth: 2401, 5501, 5507, 5601, Hall 2 & 4
Business Nature: Supplier, Wholesaler, Retailer, Importer, Exporter
Description: Magicboo established in year 2001. Magicboo has progressed in leaps and bounds since its inception and our beauty marts totaling 43 are now located in Singapore and Malaysia - one of the largest one-stop retail beauty marts. It has over 5,000 types of products comprising skin care, health, hair care, slimming, spa, jacuzzi and many other types of beauty products which are imported directly from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and other European countries. Magicboo has also a team of well trained and dedicated technicians who provides support and after sales services to complement the high demand of sophisticated equipments.
Maxconnection Cosmetic Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia              Booth: 5301 & 5302, Hall 5
Business Nature: Manufacturer, Supplier, Importer, Exporter, Distributor
Description: Maxconnection engages in manufacturing, sales & marketing and distribution of quality & innovative beauty products. Specialize in professional, quality Spa, Skin Care, Beauty Equipment and other related beauty products. We believe successful products come from innovative formulations and dedicated people with the passion in beauty. We are strict on products development & searching, to ensure the safe-use of products and bringing the goodness for our customer's need.
Nail Elite Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia               Booth: 2907, Hall 2
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Supplier, Retailer
Description: WE ARE MALAYSIA IMPORTER & DISTRIBUTOR We are the authorized distributor fot brand KAGA (2D Gel, 3D Gel, Drawing Gel) and Love Easy Gel Color. 100% ECO-FREINDLY AND HEALTHY Strictly control the raw material and colloid.
Neo Image Global Enterprise
Country: Malaysia              Booth: 2407, Hall 2
Business Nature: Distributor, Retailer
Description: We are an experienced and professional leading company in the Hair, Nails, Beauty & Make Up Industries. We provide a wide range of the latest technology and the best professional quality Hair, Beauty , Nails , Make Up Product, Accessories, Saloon Furniture and Equiments. We also cater equipments for personal use. We have a group of excellent and friensly sales team providing satisfactory services to our clients. Besides that, you can contact us or log on to our website for more information and choices to meet your needs. For distributorship and dealership, Please contact +6012-200 9478.
P.E.Asia Biotech, INC.
Country: Taiwan              Booth: 5202, Hall 5
Business Nature: Manufacturer, Supplier
Description: P.E.ASIA BIOMEDICINE CO., LTD. is a growing innovation-oriented business that stresses independent research, core technology, and quality products.
PCQ Hair & Beauty Products Sdn. Bhd.
Country: Malaysia              Booth: 2605 & 2705, Hall 2
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Retailer
Description: PCQ is one of the leading hair and beauty retail chain in Malaysia. We supply a comprehensive range of products such as Salon Furniture, Hair Care Products, Skin Care Products, Hair and Beauty Equipments and Tooling.
Pronails Beaute
Country: Malaysia              Booth: 2710, Hall 2

Business Nature: Distributor

Description: Pronalis creates top quality hand, nail and foot care products, and offers excellent training and superior business support services. We partner up exclusively with the professional beauty and nail stylist. A highly desirable brand.
Q&Z Cosmetics Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia              Booth: 4407, Hall 4
Business Nature: Manufacturer, Supplier, Importer
Description: Q&Z Cosmetics Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. is a professional cgmp standard manufacturer and the best companion for beauty entrepreneurs. With the rigorous scientific approach, professional experience and the purest ingredients from all over the world, we are able to create and manufacture some of the finest and the most effective skin care products. We provide customized private brand manufacturing service as well as OEM, ODM, OBM, R&D, design, printing, packaging and consultation. We specialized in manufacturing products for skin problems treatments, uv/sun care, eye skin care, body slimming, body whitening, bust care, spa products, body fitness and many more.
RYK Professional Sdn Bhd (Skin Town - It's Korea Avenue)
Country: Malaysia             Booth: 4916, Hall 4
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Importer, Distributor
Description: Skin Town - It's Korea Avenue Malaysia provide 100% Korea beauty top brand and up coming technology, system & concept for your venture in beauty business to perform beyong & above. Our trusted products including: Frozen-Age Botosonic HIFU, 4th Generation Naked Skin Wrapping Mask, Y-lab Bio-microneedles Eye Patches, Charmzone Charm-in-cell Skin Shining System, Golden Glow Skin SPA etc. Believe us, beautify you."
Shills Beauty Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia              Booth: 4501, Hall 4
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Supplier, Retailer, Importer, Department Store, Distributor
Description: Shills Beauty Sdn Bhd was the master exclusive agent of Lin Quan Enterprise Co. Ltd. Shills Beauty has become the sole authorized distributor of Taiwan's well-know skincare and cosmetic brand - Shills, Anosa & Dot Dot in Malaysia. Thanks to the TV Show - "Ladies First", our brand are popular among Asians and especially in Malaysia. Our mission is to supply world class products to customer at an affordable price without compromising on quality and safety. At Shills Beauty Sdn Bhd, customer's satisfaction is our best concern; we place out customer at top priority. We aim to satisfy every customer's need that is to amke them feel confident and presentable at all time.
Skin Renew International (M) Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia              Booth: 4307, Hall 4
Business Nature: Distributor, Retailer and Academy
Description: Skin Renew Professional Solution is the product of more than 18 years of professional clinical experience in the field of beauty in Malaysia. It provides “guarantee” of satisfaction for each of its therapeutic courses while persevering its principles. Skin Renew Professional Solution is an unique Beauty Centre which provide One Stop with wide range of beauty services, including of : Acne therapy, Slimming, Anti-aging, SPA, Breast Enhance treatment & supplement, Diet supplement, Detoxify supplement and Beauty Institute.
Sky City Beauty World
Country: Malaysia              Booth: 2501, Hall 2
Business Nature: Wholesaler & retailer
Description: Sky City Trading is a wholesaler company located in Petaling Street since year 2009, we are specialized providing in Manicure and pedicure products of own's brand - Sky Nail System, we also selling brand O.P.I. We have 2 special acrylic powder - luminescent acrylic powder and colour turning acrylic powder which is the nails colour will be change after get light absorption.
Synergetic Beauty System Pte Ltd
Country: Malaysia             Booth: 2508, Hall 2
Business Nature: Wholesaler, Supplier, Importer, Distributor, Agent
Description: Since 1990, Synergetic Beauty System Pte. Ltd has been earnestly involved in the hair and beauty professional industry and are committed to provide our clients with quality products and professional services.
Teeni Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia               Booth: 5907, Hall 5
Business Nature: Manufacturer, Supplier, Importer, Exporter, Distributor
Description: Established in 1993, Teeni Enterprise aims to be a leading supplier of fashion accessories and beauty implements products across Asia. Teeni maintains a market presence in most Asia countries and supply to leading retail chain stores in Singapore, Malaysia.
The Cut Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia               Booth: 1007 & 4005, Hall 1 & 4
Business Nature: Manufacturer, Supplier
Description: We are a company that specializes in research, development, design and production of several lifestyle products. Carrying a wide range of household cleaning products, hair care products, cosmetics, beauty products and health products.
Y-Tru Approach Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia             Booth: 4108, Hall 4
Business Nature: Sole distributor and retailer
Description: Y Tru Approach , a key player in the international skincare market for 2 decades, specialises in addressing the market’s needs with superior product range in skin hydration, anti-aging & whitening. As Y Tru’s star brand, Le’taime is a French formulated skin care product and are made from the finest natural materials and essences. The products are formulated  via modern advanced technological processes from renowned French cosmetic laboratories. Le’taime’s brand vision begins at a micro-cellular level and aims to rejuvenate skin cells from within the surface.  With stringent international tests and scientific research, Le’taime reassures that it is safe for our daily dermatological use.