Closing Date:
31st MARCH 2019

  1. IBE Facebook Video Tutorial Category
    All IBE Facebook Video Tutorial (Code A8–A12 and B1–B3)will be awarding two (2) prizes, a below:

    • First title: Facebook most share & like award
    • Second title: Judges marking based on artwork
    • All artwork must be recorded with HD quality (visual and audio). For detailed judging benchmark, kindly visit IBE official website
  2. How to register?
    Only accept online registrationwith all payment to be made online through online banking orcredit card.

    • Malaysian participants to pay in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)
    • Overseas participants to payin United States Dollar (USD)
  3. Early bird registration
    Early bird registration price effective until 10 April 2019.Late registration will only be accepted until APRIL 20, 2019 with the original price,which is an additional 50% of the early bird registration fee.
  4. Transaction Receipt
    Participants is encouraged to save a copy of transaction receipt.
  5. Cancellation and switching of categories
    Participants are not allowed to request for refund or transferring of category once registration is completed.
  6. Award ceremony and rundown
    Award ceremony will be held on the same day as the competition, once all category competition is completed. Award sequence is based on the award code.Models are highly encouraged to be on stage for award ceremony.
  7. Award arena rules and regulations
    Only participants, models, judges, authorized media and organizer are allowed to enter the award arena.
  8. Admission badges
    All participants, models and helpers may register for admission badges one (1) day before or on competition day from 8am to 10am at KLCC registration counter 1.
  9. Admission Policy
    Children under age of 12 is not permitted for admission to International Beauty Expo (IBE).
  10. Participants eligibility
    • IBE Awards is open for individual of 16 years and above, in regardless of gender and nationality
    • Judges are allowed to register to participate, but not allowed to judge the category he or she participated in.
  11. Submission of poster
    • All poster category submission must be email to, attn to: Ms.Lavigne and the specification has to be at least 300dpi or above and in JPEG file.
    • Submission date: 1 March 2019–15 April 2019
  12. Reporting time of participants & Submission of pre–done category
    Contestants and models are required to arrive the competition arena for registration 1 hour before the competition starts. Submission of pre–one artwork 1 hour before the competition commence.
  13. Facilities
    Organizer will prepare facilities as below for contestant:
    • Backstage for preparation
    • Table and chairs
    • Plug point (Only specific categories)
  14. Uniform / Attire
    No restriction on contestant’s attire. Indecent attire are not encouraged.
  15. Entry time
    All participants and model of live category are required to standby at backstage 20mins earlier from award category’s commencing time.
  16. Models and awards tools
    All competition products, materials, tools, equipment, models, attire, footwear and/or equivalents shall be prepared by contestant.
  17. Eligible of award tools and materials
    No restriction on usage of product brands.
  18. Artwork Copyright Infringement
    All artwork shall not infringe copyright. Shall there be copyright infringement of artwork,participants shall be fully responsible for any legal action taken.
  19. Damages and Injuries
    Organizer and collaborating partners shall not be liable for contestants, models and assistants on any loss of personal belongings, accidents, or injuries
  20. Copyright of images and personal data
    All artworks and photos collected from contestants or taken in the exhibition hall will likely continue to be used in all advertising and promotion of events and expos without any limitation or without any prior consent from the contestants.
  21. Personal data act
    All personal data collected will be kept private and confidential, unless it is required in situation such as announcement of winner’s details in official media partners’ publication
  22. Cancellation of categories
    In the case of having less than four (4) contestants in a test category, the organizer shall reserve the right to cancel the test category with full refund of registration fees.
    • For category that has less than 4 contestants, Organizer will only award the champion.
    • For category that has 4 to 9 contestants, Organizer will only award the champion and first runner up.
  23. Participants and models are not allowedto:
    • a. Leave the competition arena without the consent of organizer
    • b. Communicate and interact with audiences or supporters
    • c. Usage of mobile phone for selfie or Facebook Live
    • d. Bring in food and beverage to competition arena
    • \
  24. Participants are required to clean the table and bring out all tools and materials. Participants are responsible in their own personal belongings
  25. Participants are required to collect the “Certificate of Participants” immediately after the completion of each test category.
  26. All pre–done artwork will be displayed in Awards Displayed Centre. Contestants are only allowed to claim the artwork after 3.00pm.
  27. The organizer and related stakeholders does not hold the responsibility for any damages of artwork for all pre –done category.
  28. For contestants who did not collect their certificate and trophy/medal:
    • Certificate: Organizer will only email the JPEG/PDF Format of the certificate
    • Medals/trophy: Contestant shall pay for the needed postage fees.
  29. Entrance to competition arena in the mid of test category is strictly PROHIBITED to related judges and organizer. Judges and participants are not allowed to communicate, interact and use mobile phone for any purposes.
  30. Decisions by the panel of judges are final and the panel will not enter correspondence with any entrants concerning its decisions.
*The above are based on individual participation.
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