Closing Date:
31st MARCH 2019

  Special Effect Make Up (Fairytales)-A1
  Special Effect Make Up (Freestyle)-A2
  Creative Malay Bridal Make Up-A3
  Creative Bridal Hairdo and Hand Made Accessories-A4
  Bridal Make Up (Indian Bollywood)-A5
  Body Painting (Circus)-A6
  Body Painting (Freestyle)-A7
  IBE Facebook Video Make Up Tutorial-A8
  IBE Facebook Video Hair Do Tutorial-A9
  IBE Facebook Henna & Make Up (Facebook Video Tutorial)-A10
  IBE Facebook Special Effect Make Up (Facebook Video Tutorial)-A11
  IBE Facebook Facial Spa (Facebook Video Tutorial)-A12
  Bridal Make Up (Traditional Malay Culture)-A13
  Henna & Make Up 3.0-A14
  Fashion Bridal Hairdo-A15
  Hairdo Magazine Cover Girl-A16
  Make Up Magazine Cover Girl-A17
  Mannequin Henna & Make Up 3.0-A18
  Fantasy Make Up (Folk Style)-A19
  Eyeliner Embroidery-C1
  Lip Embroidery-C2
  OMC Creative 3D Make Up-A20
  OMC Creative 3D Make Up-A21
  Creative Vintage Bridal Make Up-A22
  Single Eyebrow Embroidery (A4 Paper Sketch)-C3
  Eyebrow, eyeliner and lips embroidery-C4
  Eyebrow, eyeliner and lips embroidery-C5
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